Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long Day 14

It is my birthday on Wednesday and at work we usually have birthday teas for each person. As I don’t work Wednesday they have booked my birthday tea for today so I made myself a cake (I don’t get much chance to bake at the moment)

I was looking for a chocolate cake recipe and came across this one from the Pioneer Woman. But while finding this one I came across her Coffee Cake recipe which changed me mind. So here it is! I got a little impatient with the icing (hence the camouflage) but on the whole I am happy with it. 

It is very very coffeey (is that a word)

I did have to convert the recipe from imperial cups (US) to metric weights so it probably didn't turn out exactly right but judging by the extra cupcake I made with the end of the batter it doesn't matter.  I also made it in one tin and sliced the thing in half horizontally (as I don't have two sandwich pans) so I had to extend the cooking time to 40 minutes (or just over as I lost track of time as Jasmine was feeding and her head was lying on my timer on my watch and I didn't hear it go off).

I also had an idea to make it more decadent by adding coffee liquer to the cake but I couldn't find any Kahlua in the cupboard (not like me at all) so I will have to reserve that idea for next time I make the cake.

M (from work) told me I was very adventurous in a) making my own cake and b) trying out a new recipe on the team - my reaction well with this much coffee I can't try it out on Jot.

I have had a number of really nice comments and one person even thanked me for going to the truoble to make it in the first place. 

Have a good day

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