Thursday, February 4, 2010

England is Cold!!

We have made it and believe me it was no mean feat to get here.  All of you will at sometime (I'm sure) have been on a plane where there is a baby that just screams the whole flight well for the first flight that was Jot.  A 7 hour flight became a 7 hour torture for us both.  Jot screamed for the first 4 hours, then slept for an hour and cried for the rest of the flight.  If you are sat near a screaming child again please spare a thought for the Mum who is sleep deprived and feeling very guilty for keeping you all awake.  DON'T look at her like she is the antichrist and is torturing her child.

Thankfully the second (and much longer flight) went better.  Jot was less unhappy and I was more relaxed (and no I didn't have a swift one in Singapore).  The second leg was practically deserted (we could have had a row each) and everyone was much more understanding when Jot got upset or just wanted to go for a walk and meet new people.

She is in bed now and will not be there for much longer as I need to get her outside in the sun (yes we have sun) to try to reset her body clock fingers crossed it will work.  It is lovely being here with my family.  My sister and her two boys (J & O) are here as well and it is just a lot of fun to be with them again.  It will be the first time we are all in the same place at the same time for about 4 years.

It is cold though.  Or maybe I am just not wearing enough layers.  I would put another layer on but that means going into our room and I don't want to wake Jot yet.

I will leave you with the thought that I am relieved to know I have a three week reprieve before I have to get Jot on another plane and that I will be travelling the first leg home with my sister, her husband and two boys which will mean more hands.

Take care
Jots Mum