Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Doh moments

I had another Doh moment last week.  I got all my bits and pieces to put together the back of my Mondrian Quilt (my blocks from the Melbourne Modern Quilt 2011 Bee) and took the time to draw it out and measure all the black sashing bits needed and work out how to put them together and then I cut.

That was my Doh moment I forgot to add the seam allowance.  So each time I add a new bit of black to the blocks I have to trim down.  I am therefore feeling particularly blah about it right now and want to just put it away BUT I promised R a quilt for our sitting room this winter so I guess I need to push through my blah moment and get it finished.

I have reviewed my WIP List though from earlier in the year and discovered that I might have a slight WIP problem

Genuine WIPs

Laras Quilt - - Finished and Gifted
Mondrian Quilt - Top complete
Fandango Quilt - blocks complete - am likely to split this into two smaller quilts, just need to lay it out and have a look.

WIPs in Planning stage

Central Park Quilt - 24 hour quilt complete
Quilt for Nephew O
Ruby Wedding Quilt for M&D - Swoon Along -  4 out of 9 blocks complete

CT Quilt - blocks complete

New WIPS started or planned since January
Jot Car quilt - needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound
Big Bed Quilt for Niece A - 2012 - I think I might use one of the Fandango quilts for Niece A
Baby Quilt for Baby B - 2012 (baby due Jan 2013 but I want this to be in the UK before Baby arrives) - currently choosing fabrics
Jot Big Girl Bed Quilt (5th birhtday) 2013
C & K10th Anniversary Quilt - 2014
A & J 10th anniversary Quilt - 2016
CT Big Boy Quilt (5th birhtday) - 2016

As you can see I am looking ahead but it tooke me two years to get my sisters wedding quilt to her so I think starting most of these soon is a good idea.  I already have a deisgn and fabric picked out for C&K 10th anniversary quilt (fabric doesn't come out till October 2012) and also for Jots big girl quilt so the main decision I have to make in the near future is for Baby B who is due in January.  Do I wait till i know if it will be pink or blue or make both and then send the right colour :)

So now I am going to have a quick look at baby fabric and then I will be off to bed but tomorrow I have great plans to finish the Mondrian back (after a nap to catch up on sleepless baby nights).