Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long Day 15

Another late post which wasn't my fault.  Well wasn't entirely my fault.  We had some internet issues last night but if I hadn't left it till the last minute I might have managed to post on time.

I had free day yesterday.  R at work and Jot at childcare so I had a day to try to catch up on numerous things and try to get some sort of control over the move.  What could I do with all that free time?  Yup you guessed it I sewed.

I decided to do a tutorial for some bunting (which I am just waiting for Jto so go to sleep tonight and I will finish it off and hopefully be able to blog it tonight as well) and got most of the way through it before realising I was missing a vital ingredient - nothing to hang it with.  Doh!

So then I finished off a commission item for a friend.  A cute little toddler backpack from blueprints. which I am really pleased with.  I did a similar one for my nephew for christmas but I can't show that till he has opened it.

After that I still had soem time before collecting Jot so I quickly whipped up a little christmas tree decoration, I will be making a few more of them so I will wait and blog the lot together (besides that way I get another days post without thinking too hard).

Right will do todays post after Jot is in bed and it will hopefully be the tutorial for the No Sew Bunting.

Have a good day

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