Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long - Day 1

I saw the Advent Blog-a-long mentioned by Anna at Sew Busy Mama and decided it might be a good idea to join up.  I figured if I had joined I stand a chance of actually remembering to post.  Something I am notoriously bad at.  So the challenge is a post every day for 24 days now to Christmas.  Some days you might even get two !!

Jot is (as of today) in childcare two days a week and I will not be adding another day at work for a few months (too many holdays booked to make it worthwhile) so I get a free day.  What will I do with myself?  Never fear I have a long list of "to achieve"  (I hate To Do lists).

Today was dedicated to Christmas and although I haven't got time now to get them in the mail presents for family are all complete (I had to whip three up today), wrapped and addressed so tomorrow on my way from A to B (a busy day tomorrow) I will drop them off at the PostOffice and send them on their Merry way hopefully to arrive in time for Christmas.

I still have to figure out waht to get R and more importantly to whip up a dress for Jot and to finish a skirt ad top that are sitting in pieces on the dining room table (annoying R).

Got to go and collect Jot so see you tomorrow

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