Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fandango - Progress

Well the blocks are finished and the layout decided now thanks to some rather dodgy cutting on my behalf which resulted in this block


I need to trim them all down before sashing.  Now just to work out what size they are going to end up.  Something for another day I think.  I am about to start playing with my MIL quilt design which I am really excited about.  I really hope she likes it :)

Jots Mum

Friday, March 25, 2011

Whoops - I have been busy :)

Whoops I can't believe it is nearly a month since I last posted.  I guess working 4 days a week really makes time fly.  It is still exhausting and in fact I have been off sick for the last week and a half which of course I am blaming on the 4 day week :).  I have shingles and for those of you who haven't had it before it hurts!!!  I am due back to work on Monday (really have to go back as I don't have any more sick leave left) but I am still incredibly tired and in a fair amount of pain.

But all that aside I have been busy crafting.

I have finished 2 quilt tops


for a baby due August 2011


for my nephew J bday in November (the applique was needed as Jot took to the quilt top with a pair of scissors)

Finished off J&T Wedding Quilt (still need to put on the label)





MMQG Oh Beehave blocks for Rachel


Burp cloths for numerous new babies.



And lastly I have knitted two hats for Jot.  I am not going to show a picture of the first as it is about two inches too short and it really badly made (but in my defence I was knitting while feeling my worst)


I am in the middle of my last 5 Fandango blocks and although I would like to get the top finished this month realistically I won't really get the chance in the next week (I will try though). 

I was meant to make my big sis bday and xmas gifts this month too but the materials needed haven't arrived from the US yet.  So I have been focusing on quilt tops this month and will focus on birthdays and christmas for both my big sis and my niece (for whom I think I have everything) in April.

I also designed my MIL quilt for her Christmas present as they will be with us at Christmas and I would love to see her face when she opens it and have also been working on a design for a quilt for my parents ruby wedding anniversary (which is in two days - I was convinced it was next year so have talked my parents into waiting for their present :) )  Not sure if I am going to go with something I design myself or some sort of an Irish chain.  Lots to think about.

For now though I am think I might curl up in front of the TV and attempt to make Jot some mittens to match the hat. This could be amusing :)

Have a good weekend

Jots Mum