Monday, July 27, 2009

busy few days

Why is it when you have a project you really want to get started (and completed) life takes over and you have no time?

I am a member of the Country Womens Association of Victoria (CWA for short) and I would recommend anyone reading this to get involved in their local association. They are Australia wide and international (but of course known as something else over seas)

Well Thursday afternoon we headed off to the CWA Fraser Group Craft Show. The theme was homemade, homegrown. Unfortunaly I didn't get there early enough to display my goodies (Jot was fast asleep and I know better than to wake her before she is ready) but as you can see from the pictures below the quality of the work was stunning. There was no judging just a chance for members of the different branches to have a look at items made by others and of course a good catch up session.

On Friday I learnt Jot isn't a huge fan of exhibitions as I took her to the Quilt and Craft Show at the Exhibition centre. It was fascinating to see all the quilts but typically I forgot to take my camera so no photos. It was inspiring and I left rather proud of myself with a pattern for an Uptown Girl Jacket for Jot and 4 fat 1/4s of fabric.

The weekend consisted of a Parenting Conference sponsored by Bubhub on Saturday which was a lot of very interesting information in a short space of time. R had Jot for the day and took her into work with him for the last hour before I was able to pick her up. She was very clingy poor thing as it isn't often she goes down for her nap and I disappear. A visit to Spotlight yeaterday for some fabric for a skirt I am making (and of course the fabirc of Jot's jacket) and wondering when I will have time for it all.

We have organised childcare for Jot one day a week for when I go back to work at the end of August (I can't believe time has flown by that fast) and the first of our orientations is on Friday. I know Jot will love it but I have no idea how I am going to take it. At the moment she will be in for two days before I go back to work so we can both get used to the idea before I have to be concentrating on something else.

Off now to get some sewing done before R & Jot return and I am back on duty.

Take care

Jots Mum

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little about me

I am a mum to 1 (Jot) who is now 10 months old. Where is time flying to? I am married to a chef (R) and have been for 7 years now. We are recent arrivals to Australia (2006) and became Australian citizens in March of this year. Jot was an Aussie before her parents.

We were blessed with the arrival of Jot in September 2008 and the last 10 months have been a huge rollercoaster ride for me (and through me for R). I finally feel like a mum though (just in time to go back to work) and am really enjoying Jot now as a person in her own right. My very independent miss.

I live in the centre of Melbourne and am currently on maternity leave from my job as a personal assistant.

I used to really enjoy sewing - although I never claim to be any good at it - but my machine got put away when we had visitors in early 2008 and due to some terrible morning sickness I never had the wish to get it out again.

BUT .....

In May 2009 I was looking though the Nappycino forums and found a sew-a-long for June which was fabric baskets and I decided that it was within my capabilities and so I dug out the machine and commandered one end of the dining room table and I was away.

Since then I have made a handfull of things but have rediscovered my desire to sew and so I plan to make as many Christmas presents as possible this year. At least I am making useful things.

And so to sew.

And so I start

And so I start to blog.

I have been completely inspired by the other ladies on eb and nc who make such wonderful stuff and share it on their blogs (and have time to do everything) that I thought I would attempt to join them.

I have completed a few projects already for 2009 and am about to embark on an array of Christmas presents so stay tuned for more info.

Have a good day

Jots Mum