Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long Day 17 - No Sew Bunting

Having seen the ladies on EB make up bunting by the dozen (or so it seems) I decided to have a go BUT I wanted to do a tutorial for it.  There are load sof tutorials out there in the ether for sewn bunting and I decided that some people want to make things but don't have access to a sewing machine so I figured I could make it without any sewing at all.

So here is the tutorial for my No Sew Bunting.

(Please excuse the quality of some of the pictures my ironing area is not well lit and we have a thunderstorm here at the moment)

You Will Need

Fabric (I had three patterns of Christmas fabric approx 35cm each)
Bias Binding (I used 25mm wide and had a 3m pack)
Heat n Bond Ultra (No Sew) 1 Yard
1 Roll 22.2mm Heat n Bond Ultra

You will also need a pencil, scissors, iron, pinking shears (optional) and some hairgrips.

  • Mark your flags onto the Heat n Bond.  I choose 20cm at the base and 20cm to the point.
  • Apply to fabric following manufacturers instructions

  • Cut along the lines you drew on the Heat n Bond

  • Apply triangles to second fabric as per manufacturers instrcutions

  • Trim tirangles with pinking shears for a nice edge
  • Apply Heat n Bond roll to open Bias Tape

  • Measure the base of your flags (after trimming mine were between19 and 19.5cm)

  • Maths time - Times the base measurement (19.5) by the number of flags (12) and you get the length on Bias you need to accomodate all the flags (234).  Take that figure away from the length of your bias (300) which gives you the amount of spare bias tape you have (66)  Divide that figure by 2 (33) which gives you the length of you tails and where to start inserting the flags.
  • Remove paper from Heat n Bond attached to Bias
  • Place your first flag at 33cm (according to my calculations) fold Bias over top flag and secure with hair grips (Pins will get all sticky if used at this point)
  • Place succesive flags with base corners touching in the same way.

  • Iron the ends of the bias in half

  • Iron bias to fuse Heat n Bond as per instructions

  • Let it cool
  • Enjoy your Bunting

I will post a picture of it up once the decorations go up at the weekend.  I have to say I am rather proud of it and hope it will be around for many years yet.

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