Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kids Tool Belt Tutorial

When I was trying to decide what to make for my nephews J & O for Birthdays and Christmas (all within 3 months on each other) I got stuck.  J will be 4 and O will be 2.  After a conference call with my sister we decided on tool belts for them, apparently is J has one O HAS to have one to.

It was easy to find a tutorial for a tool belt for O as he will grow out of this one very quickly and I settled on this one from Mauby. I had some cut Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric which I used.  Not too sure how 'boy' it is but I like it anyway.

Now J's belt was harder to find.  I found a number that didn't seem to be quite right so in the end I decided to bite the bullet and design my own so here it is the Kids Tool Belt Tutorial.

This makes a tool belt that will fit an average 4 year old (although I am guessing alittle on that as I don't have an average 4 year old or even and unaverage one).


  • 2 contrasting fabrics (known from here on a Fabric A and Fabric B)
  • 1 set D rings
  • Twill Tape or Ribbon
  • Fray Stop
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Sewing Machine
Note: All measurements are in inches and  include a 1/2 inch seam allowance unless otherwise noted

  • Fabric A (I used black) - 2 pieces 14 x (8 + width of twill tape) 9.5
  • Fabric B (Spots) - 1 Piece 14 x 10
  • Twill Tape - 1 piece 36 inches
  • Twill Tape - 1 piece 4 inches (Hammer loop)
  1. Apply Fray Stop to the ends of both twill tape pieces.
  2. Fold Fabric B in half to measure 14 x 5, Iron and top stitch along fold 
  3. Measure pockets and mark on right side of Fabric B.  Mine measure 4.5, 4, 2.5, 3 from the left edge.IMG_7270
  4. Place Fabric B right side up on to Fabric A1 aligning bottom edge, Pin well         IMG_7271
  5. Sew along marked pocket lines from bottom to top of Fabric B backstitching at the end.
  6. Take Fabric A2 and measure 3/4 inch from the top on the wrong side.  Align the top of your long twill tape here ensuring 5in extend from the left hand side.  Pin and Tack into place.             IMG_7274
  7. Fold small twill piece in half and pin onto Fabric A1 just above the top of the pocket line (right hand side)IMG_7273
  8. Place Fabric A1 & A2 Right sides together (ensure ends of long twill tape are inside the sandwich)IMG_7275 IMG_7276
  9. Sew around edge leaving a 2 in gap on top edge
  10. Trim corners           IMG_7279
  11. Turn
  12. Press
  13. Top Stitch top and bottom of twill tape through fabric   
  14. Top Stitch (1/4 in) around all four sides
  15. Remove tacking from Twill tapeIMG_7287
  16. Thread D Rings onto short end of belt and secureIMG_7368
Now you are finished.

Here is another one I made with thinner Twill Tape so the measurements for pieces cut from fabric A were 14 x 9


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I would love to see any that you make.

You can download the PDF from here

Take care
Jots Mum

P.S Sorry about the spaceing something has gone funny and I can't seem to correct it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not much Craft going on...

That I can show you anyway.

Christmas presents for the family are coming along slowly with almost all finished (2 to go).  I need to buy a couple of things to complete them and print off some labels then we are ready to post.

I have one birthday present for my sister which I need to suss out and then on to Christmas presents/Birthday presents for Jots friends and Childcare workers.  Any ideas?

I have also signed up for a quilting bee through the Melbourn Modern Quilt Guild and have just finished my first ever block.  My quilts are usually just squares of fabric with sashing so to actully make a block (and have it the right measurements) is rather exciting.  This October block is for Esther and I really hope it fits with the rest.

The November block (for which I already have the fabric) is for Gina who has given very detailed instructions and sent some lovely solid fabric to work with.  There is loads of inspiration on her blog so I am off to take a look.

Hope you have a good weekend and I hope to have more to show you soon.

Take care

Jots Mum

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jot is TWO!

Yesterday was Jots second birthday. 
jasmine olivia016
Meeting Jot for the first time

JOT March 01_005

6 months old


1 year old


The morning of her second birthday (couldn't resist the photo she will hate for the rest of her life)

My beautiful little girl
You have bought such joy into our lives and we love you so very much.
With love
Jots Mum

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September already!!

Someone tell me where this year has gone.  In just 13 days Jot turns 2,  Yes you heard me right 2.  It is weird to think that I have been back at work for over a year now and we have been in the new house for 8 months (should I stop calling it new and finally finish unpacking yet?).  I still feel like it should be the start of winter not the start of spring (not that the weather thinks it's spring)

I have been working on J&Ts quilt and have now finished piecing the back and am now trying to decide whether I do the quilting myself (could be interesting) or whether I get it done on a long arm.  I would really like to be able to say I had done it all myself but I know my quilting is very poor standard and I want it to look good.  Decisions, decisions (I have to get it done by January 2011).

I have a couple more presents finished too.  My Mother in laws birthday pressie and my nephews bday pressie (well half of it anyway).

I had a lovely delivery of fabric yesterday from Kimberly at FQS.  A quilt kit for the next boy born in the family.

and 5 yrds each of Kona White and Kona Snow 

In addition I got the first half of the fabric for my quilt and I have to say the internet doesn't do it justice.  You will have to wait for a picture as I am expecting the remaining fabric to arrive this week and I can't just show half now can I.  If we weren't watching the pennies I would fil my stash with this collection as it is utterly utterly gorgeous and I plan to add a bit more to the stash in a month of so (if there is any left).

I let Jot open the packages as she was feeling abit under the weather and as soon as they were open she started stroking the fabric  - wonder where she gets that from.

My parents arrive on Saturday so most of my sewing time will be spent with them but I hope to get the last knitted face cloth off my needles while they are here.

I am really tempted by the September challenge (see right ==>) as I really need to replace mine, but not sure how much time I will have so I think I will unofficially join and just do what I can.

So I am off now to try to get something else under my belt tonight and to get dinner ready.

Happy September everyone.

Jots Mum