Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dolls Quilt Reveal

Yay I can finally reveal what I created for the Essential Quilters Dolls Quilt Swap 2012 (DQS).  My partner was Helen (who also made for me and you can see that beauty here)

I am very proud of this as I tried new techniques in its creation.  I used a Dresden plate template to make the feathers and appliquéd it one.  Both things I hadn't done before.  Add some raw edge appliqué for the body and head and the top was done.

I waited a while to start to quilt it but I knew what I wanted to do until my machine spat the dummy (it really must go in for a service).  Rather than have to keep unpicking I decided to try yet another new technique and hand quilt it.  My stitches are not very small (or for that matter very even) but I am really pleased with the results.

The Peacock
The back

Close up of the hand quilting

Thursday, November 15, 2012

In other news

I made a decision!

Yes I really did, now those of you that know me know that I hate making decisions and in fact the work decision has been hanging over my head for about 3 months.  So I finally bit the bullet so to speak.

I have decided to go back to school to reskill as a Life Coach.  It is very daunting and exciting and I am looking forward to the ride.

It might mean (well it will definitely mean) that my crafty side will have to go on the back burner while I study and get my business up and running.  In that case this blog will get a little quiet but I will still be crafting in small doses and will post when I have things to share.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dolls Quilt Received

This is the beautiful dolls quilt I received from Helen of Patchwork of Mini Grey.  I love the pinks and purples.

With hindsight I should have opened it without Jot present as as soon as it was open she claimed it and was thanking 'Mummy's friend' for making it for her.  I managed to steal it back for a quick photo but I am surprised that you can't see her hovering in the photo she was so intent that I wouldn't keep it.

We had to put the 'babies to bed' with it that moment.  Which of course meant we needed a bed for 'babies'.   A quick cardboard box butcher and voila one bed.  

Rosie and Sleeping Beauty love their new quilt and slept all night through.  Wish Jot had followed suit.

Thanks Helen I can see a long life for 'babies' quilt ahead. 

I can't show you pictures of the one I sent yet as my recipient still hasn't received it.  I sent it on Monday and am now starting to get a little worried.  I know it had a fair distance to go but still it should have been there by now.  Fingers crossed it arrives on Monday so I can show it off.  I'm really proud of it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Leaving gifts

It felt a little strange not having to post yesterday.  I kinda missed it so I think you will be seeing more of me again although I will have to do some work on the titles of my posts.

Today I had the sad job of putting together leaving presents for on of Jots childcare workers.  Now this girl 'C' is amazing.  She has been working in Jots room since Jot moved into it over a year ago and she will be missed greatly by the kids and probably just as much by the parents.  I know I will miss her smiley face when I pick Jot up each night.  Anyway ages ago she mentioned she needed a hat that had owls on it (she admits to being a little obsessed by owls) so as part of the gift I decided to make her one.  As mentioned HERE.

Jot was saying last night that she was going to miss C and I asked if she would like to draw her a picture.  Then I struck on the idea of putting it onto fabric and using it as part of a gift.  So the bag was born.  Its a shame that the print shows through so much on the picture but it is still nice and of course owls on the inside (although different owls).

I hope she likes them.