Saturday, July 31, 2010

It seems to have been forever...

since I posted!  Sorry.

There has been some sewing going on but mostly there has been packing, preparing and cuddling.  R & Jot are now on a plane somewhere over Europe due to land in London in about three hours and I am really hoping that the flight went well.  On Thursday we discovered Jot has a chest infection and and ear infection so the flight was looking very long to R when we went ot bed that night.  The antibiotics kicked in really very quickly and by Friday afternoon when I left them at the airport she was pretty much back to her normal self if very tired.

I did try to get some sewing done for her while she was in England but I a) forgot to add the seam allowance when tracing an Ottober pattern and b) ran out of time when she wouldn't sleep and just needed Mummy, so the two dresses are still in pieces on my sewing table along with a pari of leggings for her.  I wonder if I will be able to get to them before they get back.

So I now have two weeks ahead of myself to fill (well I will be working for 6 days so only 8 days to fill) and I am making list of all the crafty things I want to get done.  I have decided to focus on Christmas in these two weeks and hopefully will get all the Christmas (plus two end of year birthdays) finished before the get home.

My list therefore consists of:

5 batches of Soap
1 Tutu
1 Art Smock
1 Art Wallet
2 x Boys birthday pressies which I have noe idea about yet
Finish my MIP Skirt (Yes I do know how long I have been saying that)
Piece J&T Wedding Quilt Top
Sandwich and Quilt the Dolls Quilt for Jots birthday
Sandwich and Hand Quilt Jots quilt (I will have this at least started as I plan to take it to the next Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Meeting just before they get back)
Knit 5 Face washers
If I have time (who am I kidding) I would like to get a start on painting the spare room and making curtains for Jots room.

So that is my very over ambitious plan for the next few weeks.  In addition I also plan to go to the movies at least twice (although I have no idea what I am going to watch) and to read at least 1 book.

I had better get cracking then hadn't I.  I think I will start by procrastinating and clean my sewing table.

Have a good weekend
Jots Mum

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I think I got it nearly right

Well I changed the measurements and design on my drawing wallet for Jot and I think it is nearly right (but I am not going to redo it) as you can see by the outside photo I am maybe 1/4 in short but I can live with it and I doubt Jot will even notice.

We are out for Yum Cha tomorrow with friends and I decided (as you do ) to whip up a skirt for Jot to wear.  I hadn't tired the O&S Lazy Day skirt before but having looked at the pattern new it would be really simple and quick.  It is a free pattern too and that just made my day.

I was right.  Now I just need to hope we have something in her wardrobe to go on the top half.

I think I will try their popover sundress next as Jot is finally getting to a size where she will fit these great patterns.  In fact I might print it now and see what material I have here so I can run it up for her for her trip to the UK.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Jots Mum

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I got my lovely Name badge in the mail today for our Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild swap.  I have no idea who made it but I love it anyway.

I have also attempted the June 12 in 12 challenge details on the side ===> something self designed or drafted and attempted to make a drawing wallet similar to many I have seen on Etsy (but now cant find) and well as the picture shows, I may have got the measurements wrong.

So rather than re attempt it immediatly I decided to make something I know I can do.  I made this lovely zip pouch for my grocery money.  It fits my  monthly cash in it as well as all the receipts from the month.  Love it.

I have not given up on the June challenge and in fact I think all I have do do with version two is topstich and stuff and then hope everything fits.  I thought it would be good for R to take on the plane to England to keep miss Jot entertained.  I am staying behind and will be tucked up in bed at home.

I will hopefully get the chance to finish it tomorrow and then will blog it at the weekend. 

Lastly, No I have still not finished my MIP versatile wrap skirt.  I have it on the list for when R & Jot are away as there are things I need to do before they go so they can take them over.

Hope you are all having a good week.

Jots Mum

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More craftiness

Sunday was a fun day.  Jot refused to get out of her Nightie for most of the day so I decided to go with the flow (I did get dressed) and we spent a relaxing day.  A trip to the Supermarket where Jot was laughed at by all and sundry for trying to carry a shopping basket that was nearly as big as her and wave bye bye at the same time.  Wish I had had a camera there but you will have to make do with my poor description.

On our return I decided that I needed to find something to kill some time so I made up some no cook Play dough.  So easy and quick and ten minutes later Jot was playing quite happily at the table with the green play dough as I coloured the other balls.

I have also completed my name bnadge for my swapee in the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild (MMQG).  It needs to go in the post tomorrow as I can't make the meeting on Sunday.  I'm not really happy with it but I have run out of time.  I think I could have done a much better job but I hope it ticks all the right boxes and that my swapee likes it.  I apologise now for the wonky stitching.

Hope to get more done over the next few days I really need to find some tracing paper to start the Rush Hour quilt and I have to finish my MIP skirt ( I know I said I was going to finish it at the weekend but as always I got distracted).

Jots Mum

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finished something at last

Yup I have finally finished something.  I started it about a month ago but with sickness, tiredness and the confusion that has been created with the start of R's new job (and finish of his old one) I am not getting my usual time at the machine.  Will be more diligent over the enxt few weeks.

Not sure if I should post a picture but am pretty sure my sis doesn't read this so I feel safe - C if you are reasing this close this screen NOW!!!

I decided to make C a MIP Versatile skirt like the one I have made myself recently for her birthday at the end of July.  Haven't decided what to make my BIL K yet and his birhtday was two weeks ago!!

Hope she likes it.  And now I really must finish my second one (as wel as my name badge for the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild meetin gnest week),

So I'm going to sit at the machine right now!

Jots Mum