Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent blog-a-long Day 6

I can't believe that I am still going strong.  Not that I have anything new to write about today.  Sundays are our one family day of the week so I spent the day in the park with Jot & R and it was lovely.  Back now and R is about to feed Jot and then once Jot is in bed some adult time.  R has lost his voice so I get to talk at him all evening  - what a treat :).

The candied peel of yesterday went really well.  Photos below.  I am probably going to dip them in chocolate too but I need to do that much closer to Christmas as then they will need to stay in the fridge and we never have room in our fridge.  They are delicious and I took about 2 hours from go to woe and I would recommend them to anyone.

Well that is all I have to say tonight so I am off and will try to figure out a more informative post for tomorrow.

Take care


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