Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long

When I got back from dropping Jot at childcare today I found that R had collected the boxes for the move.  So we now have a van booked, 30 odd boxes, 4 rolls of bubble wrap, numerous rolls of butchers paper, three rolls of packing tape and a tape dispenser.

I wonder now why we thought January would be a good time to move.  We have Christmas, New Year, my in laws with us for the month of January (with the exception of the week we move) and a wedding in Daylesford the weekend before.  I also wonder why the move from the UK didn't cure me completely of ever wanting to move again.  In fact I distinctly recall saying I wasn't going to move again for at least 5 years (we made it to four).

So on Saturday 16 January we have a babysitter booked and the move planned.  Has anyone got any hints or tips to make it easier?

I do have to say I like our new house, it is in a quiet street which seems to be a nice area but I don't know if I am ready to leave our great little unit.  This unit is our first real home.  The home we have lived in the longest since we got together 14 years ago and the first home we have owned.  It is going to be sad (and hard) to leave.  We are hoping to be able to rent it out so we don't have to sell it but we will see what the market brings.

I supose I should get started packing atually I reckon it can wait till the w/e as R will be off for four days.  So I am off to read my book.  Oooh the luxury!!

Jots Mum

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