Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long Day 9

I was a great planner and organiser before Jot arrived. I would have all my christmas shopping done in time to catch the sea mail around the world (usually end of Sept), christmas letter would be written and ready to go by the start of November and Christmas cards would be written addressed, stamped and waiting by the door to drop into a post box on 1 December.

Not this year.

This year Christmas presents were sent last week, Christmas letter still in my head, and I haven’t even bought christmas cards this year so do I make an effort or write the whole debacle off as a missed year. I know I don’t really have time to write the 50 odd christmas cards and I doubt we have the funds to send them all to the UK.

I have made a decision to declare this year a missed opportunity and vow to do better next year.

To assist me in being better organised (including cleaning the house which I hate) I have decided to make a plan. I will get it ready this year so it can go in pride of place in the new house alongside my new menu planner and house orgaisner so I don’t foget about it come September next year.

However, one small problem has arisen. I have no idea what to include in said planner (or rather planners but that is the subject for another post). Time for a quick jaunt on the interweb thingy and what do I discover …..



The wonderful Cynthia of organized home has done all the hard work for me. Alll I need to do is choose the pages I want, print them off and find a binder for them. She has the 2009 and 2010 forms already developed and best of all it is all FREE! She also has loads of ides to simplify your christmas, handmade gift ideas, recipes and loads more.

Over the next few weeks I will be creating my very own Christmas Planner for 2010 and getting organised well in advance in the hope of actually remembering that with Crhistmas comes things like the letter and the christmas cards.

Thanks Cynthia for an amazing tool for us time strapped Mums around the world.

And thanks to Cynthia for my first new tradition (well from next year) the Magic Elf. Now I have 365 days (or thereabouts) to find or make a good looking elf.

Well enjoy your day and I will be back tomorrow with something new (no idea what yet so this should be fun)


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