Monday, March 26, 2012

Random things

post signatureWell I am back at the pc for this post with is great.  I am not too sure about using the Blogger app too often but for short items it will be ok.  Also not happy with the quality of the photo in todays Easter Cookies post that uploaded from my phone.  It looks great on the phone just not on the blog.  Lessons are being learned.

Mug Rug
Well I really stupidly didn't take any after photos of the Mug Rug I made for Car but luckily for me she did.  You can read about it here.  She loves it which is great news as I wasn't entirely sure it was her cup of tea.

Now I sit down I don't even think I had blogged about the one I received.  Now I had the lovely Denni as my maker however I can't seem to see if she has a blog.  It arrived early well before the sending date and I didn't want to open it but Jot had other ideas (she now collects the mail each day and if there is anything in the mailbox it is hers and she gets to open it) and it was opened very quickly.

It is gorgeous and I love it.  It sits by my breastfeeding chair and holds my very large glass of water.  Oh yes and it has been soaked a few times already.

Other sewing

I have cut out three nighties for Jot but so far haven't had the time to actually sew them together.  It didn't help that I bought a metre of fabric for each one only to find myself about 10cm to short so had to go back to spotlight (oh what a shame) to find some more fabric - I ended up going with a different fabric for the arms as it was easier.  I will show these when I have finished them this week (I hope).

I have also nearly finished the knitted skirt I started for Jot back in August.  The good thing is that she is taller but no fatter so it will still fit her.  Again something you will see later this week.

Finally we had a first birthday to go to last Sunday and I was at a complete loss as to what to make the little girl.  I looked back on things I had made for Jot and decided on a drawing wallet.  I think the orginal tutorial is from One Red Robin.  As always I adapted it to fit what I had available.  The fabric I wanted to use was in 25cm cuts so the finished wallet is smaller than the original.  I love it though.  The fabric was sent to me sometime last year by my MIL and I loved it.  It seemed to be fun and funky.  All in all the gift is probably a bit 'grown up' for a first birthday but at least she will be able to use it for many years to come.

Lastly I am busy designing the inivtiation to CT baptism in May.  We are going to acutally have a party rather than just saying we will.  So the invite will be decided on tonight, printed tomorrow and then emailed to mailed to those on the list by the end of the week.  So excited our first party in our new house (yes we will have been here nearly 2 1/2 years by the time the party comes round).

So I will be in later in the week to update you on the in the works items.


Easter cookies

My first attempt at iced cookies. The consistency of the flood icing want quite right but practice makes perfect.

These are for adult morning teas at Mainly Music tomorrow morning.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Testing out the blogger ap

For months now I have been thinking of posts to write and things to say but with so much time being spent on the sofa feeding CT I don't get as much time at the computer to actively write them. So here I am trying out the Blogger ap for Androidto see if I will be able to post from the sofa.

So far it seems ok except there are some very bizarre auto corrects happening.

I will try to post using this app for the next couple of days and see how we go.

Have you used it? What are your thoughts?

Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm back at my machine

Having decided that I just didn't have enough space to use the machine comfortably while it shared space with the computer I have comandered part of the kitchen table to get some sewing done and have made an inroads into my WIP.

Laras Quilt is finally finished.  You may remember I mentioned Lara last year when she was diagnosed at 2.5 years old with Leukemia.  I wanted to make her a quilt to take with her to the hospital.  Due to illness, morning sickness, and renovations I have had to keep putting it off but it is finally complete and ready to be gifted.  Lara is doing really well with her treatement and has even had it shortened by one cycle which is great news. 

I have also had time to start sashing my Mondrian blocks from the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Oh Beehave quilt bee.  It is looking really good and I am very excited about this one - no idea how the quilting will work yet so it may be some time before it is actually complete.

I made two pairs of winter Pjs for Jot as the nights are starting to get quite cold.  Each one cost a total of $7 to make (not including my time) so I am really happy about being frugal especially when Kmart has Pjs for $9.

I have signed up for a Swoon along with some online quilting friends on facebook.  We are starting on 1 April so I have a couple of weeks to finish getting the fabric together.  The main block fabrics have arrived and I love them.  This quilt is destined for my parents as their Ruby Wedding Anniversary present (it will only be about 18 months late if all goes to plan).  The fabric is Redwork Renaissance by Choles Closet and it is going to look great.

and in addition to that this little guy has been sleeping well over the last couple of days.  I took this after nipping out to the bathroom for a couple of minutes and returning to find him fast asleep. 

He is currently asleep again (loving it) so I am off to  finish sashing my Mondrian blocks or maybe I will start cutting my Swoon blocks.  Decisions Decisions :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Planning My Sewing Room

Since we have been back in the house after the renovations we have had visitors to stay which has meant we have not been able to set up the spare room how I would like it to be for a sewing/craft/spare room.  It was functional as a spare room while we had guests but not ideal (no wardrobe space yet) and I am sharing the computer desk as a sewing table.  Really not fun as you can see it is a wee bit messy right now with not enough room to use my 24in ruler.

WIP on left and Filing on top of the printer

Yes I realise I should tidy up but instead I have been planning my ideal set up in the sewing room (as it shall be known going forward).

So after a trip to Ikea I need to make some choices.  The idea is to put two base units with a table top across them which will run the length of the window wall (Filing cabinet at one end).  The table top is going to be a boring white melamine job from Bunnings but first I get to choose my base units.

I have narrowed down the choices to:

Malm 3 drawer unit (78cm tall)

Expedit 4 hole bookcase (79cm tall)

Besta 3 shalf unit (60 cm tall)

Obviously the Besta and Expedit shelving units would drawers of some sort.  I think I am take by the Besta one most as it is shorter which will bring the table top down to a reasonable height for my short legs to reach the foot pedal for the sewing machine.  Currently sitting on top of a childrens step to ensure it is at the right height for me to sew.

Will need to do a bit more thinking before I come to a decision.  R is working all this weekend and so we can't go shopping for another 10 days anyway so plenty of time to come to a decision (I hope).

Mug Rug take 2

I finished the second mug rug last night using only solids from my stash (I am into solids at the moment) but now I am having second thoughts about whether it is right for my swap partner or not.  I can't reveal whoit is but here are some sneak peeks in the hope that she will drop by and leave a comment. 

I still have time (twelve days before mailing date) to whip up another one if I decide against sending this one. 

R has already declared that it is back to front and he prefers what I had anticipated being the back.  Oh well my swap partner can have it either way up.

So what do you think?  Send it or make something else.