Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent blog-a-long Day 8

Yes I know it is late but sometimes I hate computers.

I spent ages yesterday writing this post (I kept getting distracted) only for the computer to crash at 10pm.  By which time I was exhausted and compeltely lost my patience so I went to bed.  Sorry.

Party Dresses

Do you buy a new dress (outfit) for christmas each year?  Do you have a special outfit for the kids to wear at Christmas?

My answer to both of those is a resounding No - usually followed by don't be so ridiculus why get something new for one day.  This year is diffierent.

We have three weddings to go to in the first quarter of 2010 (all in different countries and different seasons) so I decided I should start looking for a dress (originally I was going to make one but I am running out of time to find a pattern I like).  I discovered one the other day and have made the decision that I will wear it on Christmas day.  It will work well for the southern hemisphere weddings in Jan and March but the UK wedding in February may need some more thought.

Jot is getting a new dress for her to wear on Christmas because I had enough of seing her quilt yesterday and wanted to try something new so I decided on a nice summery dress for Jot.  She can wear it for the weddings as well including the UK one (with a long sleeve top underneath).  I used the Oliver + S tea party sundress  pattern.  It didn't take me that long until I realised I don't have two matching buttons.  A trip to spotlight for me tomorrow.  I will hopefully be able to complete it tomorrow but we all know that time can get away from us so maybe at the weekend.

I hope to do a christmassy themed post tomorrow so make sure to come back and see me again.


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