Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some Sewing

Yay  I fixed my machine.  Didn't take much in the end but was time consuming tracking down the issue.

To test it out I cut out a Pinafore dress from Making Childrens Clothes.  I used the smallest size (2-3yrs) and it is still far to big for Jot but she will fit it next year.

I made it up in fleece as it was for winter.  I didn't bother to line it though (shame as I could have used it as my April challenge)

I like it and so does Jot, I tried it one over her clothes yesterday and she didn't want to take it off.  So this pattern will be used again.  Now I just need to figure out which bits to adjust to make it fit her now.  I suk at drafting so I may wiat till she fits this size. 

I will be doing this again not just for Jot but for my niece A whos birthday is in July.  An english summer birthday so I think a lightweight quilters cotton would go down well.  Now to have a look through my stash and decide what to use.

Happy sewing

Jots Mum

Monday, April 26, 2010

Catch Up

I had been meaning to write this since my last post (which I can't believe was a week ago) but life has as normal got in the way.  I can see it doing that more often when I return to work for a third day each week at the start of May.

So here is what I have been making recently

Two more passport covers one is in use by me and the other is destined for a birthday present (but not entirely sure who to send it to yet)

I have also made four curtains for R work but have not yet had a chance to see them in action so no photos.  I thought about it but they just looked like a pile of black fabric so through no point.  I still have two more to do but my darling sewing machine has thrown a fit (probably because it didn't get a trip to NZ) and won't sew properly.  I am working on it.

In the meantime I have been baking

Apple Flan - not as good as it looks so that recipe has been consigned to the bin

Anzac Cookies - these are divine.  I swapped out some of the butter in them for Coconut oil which is much better for us and I have to say that it really worked.  If anyone wants the recipe leave a comment and I will try to track down where I got it from.

Lastly I made some deodorant.  "WHAT?" I hear you shout, not exactly my thing but I figured why not while we are watching the pennies why not try to make the stuff I usually buy (I might try soap next).  No photos of this as it is not very photogenic, and it has gone completly solid and I am using a chisel to get it out each morning.  I really like it though.  I got the recipe from here and I can say that I have had no problems with white marks on my black clothes, no smell (although it doesn't stop you sweating) and I have even used it immediatly after shaving (not something I usually do with commercial products).

So I have been doing things just not sat at my sewing machine.  I will remedy that shortly.  Jot is currently asleep and I am going to trace out some patterns now so I can get sewing once I have fixed my machine.

Have a good week
Jots Mum

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Present

We are back from New Zealand and had a wonderful time.  The weather was good, we caught up with old friends, a great wedding and a reception without having to chase Jot (yay for babysitters).

I decided to make Kat & Als wedding present and the first attempt is still incomplete as once I had got most of the way through I realised the fabric choice was all wrong so on to take 2.  I know they have opened it but I have no idea if they like it.  I do so I hope they do to.

I used the Make Life fabric that arrived a few weeks ago to make this double sided table runner.

I just did straight (ish) lines on the white area on the front so the pieced bit in the middle stands out a bit.  Not to sure about how the back looks but most of the time that won't be seen will it.

I'm happy and it has given me confidence to try other things as well.

Hope you all had a good Easter

Jots Mum

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I won!

How exciting is this I won a fabric giveaway from Retromummy.

Never won a giveaway before what a great Easter Pressie for me.

Thanks Corrie

Jots Mum

Softie Take 2

This one I like!  Quick, easy and very topical.

After my last post I went to my Google Reader and found this post from Craft Blog - what good timing!  I chose to make the Revoluzzzionary Easter Bunny by Suse.  Decided against the arms and legs - seemed too complicated and after my adventure with the patchwork scottie I needed simple and straight forward.

So pictures of Jots new bunny (which will be given to her on Easter Sunday in New Zealand)

Yes the challenge is definatly done and this time I enjoyed the process.

Take care

Jots Mum