Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long Day 23

I got some time today when Jot was asleep to get stuck into her quilt again.  Spurred on by the arrival in my letter box of the fabric for ther reverse of the quilt.

So the white sashing is done.  I used some lovely starry white stuff I had in my stash and I think it has worked really well.  I was originally going to add another border made up of 'coins' (half charm squares 5" x 2.5") in the same materials of the main lines but I am not so sure now.  I think it looks really nice and an additional border might make it too busy.  What do you think?

(yes I know it looks wonky but it is my first ever quilt and half the rows were done before I got my 1/4" foot for my machine so I had to square it up - not that I think I have done a very good job of it but Jot won't mind)

I plan to bind the quilt with this yellow dot from the same line of fabric.

The reverse of the quilt is going to have two rows of charms similar to the ones in the top with either a panel in the middle of just some of the patterend fabric from the same range.  Still to be decided when I get the fabrics out to have a closer look.

So let me know what you think.  Should I add an extra border or not?

Many thanks
Jots Mum


princess pudge said...

Nope, no more borders, it's simiple and pretty just the way it is, it's really cute!

Car said...

Well Done! Personally I love how it looks now & would leave it as is.

BUT if I were considering adding another border, I would add a border of 2.5" squares all around, but then knowing me I would then have to add another plain border as I like my binding to sit against a plain(ish) border & not the quilt design - IYKWIM?

Jots Mum said...


I think I am going to leave it as is and finish it off in a few months (the next two are very busy for me)