Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent Blog-a-long - day 2

I sat last night and tried to figure out what I was going to post each day in the run up to Christmas and came up with .....  Not Much!  As this is meant to be a crafty/sewing blog I wondered if I had to stick to that or if I could (and should) head off into the unknown that is my life and loves.    I have decided that I can (and will) be introducing you to more of my life and loves as a good way to actually provide something interesting (otherwise it could be a very boring month for anyone bothering to read this)

So day two of advent blog-a-long is the day to contemplate Christmas traditions.  Since moving down under in 2006 our christmas traditions have seemed too much like hard work (too much cooking in the heat) so this year, Jots first Aussie Christmas, I have decided to start some new traditions.  She will be 15 months so we are starting them early.

The problem is I can't seem to think of any (this is begining to becomae a recurring theme, I do have a brain I promise) and so I need some inspiration.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What are they? and can I steal them?

Hopefully by Christmas day itself I will have decided a starting point.

Take care

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Anonymous said...

big christmas tradition in our family is the photo of the kids under the tree.... every year the tree gets smaller for some reason, firstly because its covered in those huge little kid pressies and later as we all grow bigger ..... much hated by the now younger adults in the family (especially the ones nearing their 40s)
they used to say that once you have your own kids you don't have to be in the pic ...... NEVER trust adults