Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{TWO} Blogtoberfest

I have a fantastically supportive online quilting group who are all so far ahead of me when it comes to quilting that I am always in total awe of their wonderful creations.  I have been part of it for about 4 years now (probably slightly less) and have watched each year as they run a Dolls Quilt Swap (DQS).  This year I decided it was time to join in.  I just really hope that my partner is not disappointed by my attempt as I am no where near the same skill level.

I have stalked my partners blog and have come up with a few designs but wasn't really sure about fabric choices.  I have so much lovely stuff in my stash but wanted something different than the palate I usually use of creams and muted colours.  

Here is a sneak peak of the fabrics I have potentially chosen along with the first page of possible designs in my mind.

The designs are all simple as they will then bring out the fabric and only require straight line quilting (for some reason I can't get the tension right on my machine for FMQ).

I have to put this in the post before 4 November so I am going to have a bit more of a think this week.  Make my decision at the weekend and then make a start next week.  There may be more sneak peaks throughout the month as I get closer to finishing it.

I am really excited about this as it is a real challenge for me and I really hope that my swap partner likes it.

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