Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{SEVENTEEN} Blogtoberfest

post signatureYay I made it to half way.  Now I am going to panic that I am half way through October already.

Got some more sewing done on Monday.   Finished off 1/2 of Jots Butterfly costume and finished the DQS Top (which I am really excited about now) and finished all four Santa Sacks.  Of course the only thing I can actually post a picture of are the Santa Sacks.

I adore this fabric range Winterkist.  In fact I think I might stock pile some more in my next order.   The Pink one is for Jot as the only girl the other three are for CT and my two NZ nephews J & O.  Baby Boy B is due in January so doesn't get a Santa Sack this year but I have enough of the fabric left to make him one for next year.

The other side has their names appliquéd on and there will be colour coordinated cord running through the snowflake top bit once I get to Spotlight.

Since I really want to show the DQS top I will throw in a sneak peek for you that isn't going to give anything away.  The good news is that is actually looks like what it is meant to, R took one look and could tell me what it was meant to be.  Now I just need to find a backing for it and figure out how to add a hanging sleeve or and make a label for it but I still have 3 weeks till posting so I think I have time for all that.

R has also commissioned a Halloween costume now although how he is going to cook dressed as the Grim Reaper is slightly worrying .  I have tracked down a pattern but a trip to Spotlight is needed to get fabric.  I am so used to making things for the kids that I had forgotten that adult outfits need a lot more fabric.  At least plain black homespun should be relatively inexpensive.

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