Friday, October 19, 2012

{NINETEEN} Blogtoberfest

Busy Busy Busy Sewing.  Yay!

I have managed to finish Jots Halloween costume in the end we made her a red butterfly costume which I will take photos off on costume day (Halloween) to show you as I don't want her wearing it before then.

I also ran up a quick pair of summer PJs for her as it is PJ day at childcare next week and all her winter PJs have seen better days.  Photo to follow as I haven't quite finished the top.

Finally I finished another Swoon Block.  This is block 7 only two more to go.


Feeling very pleased with myself BUT I have been using it as a procrastination technique.  I really need to do the homework set by my career transition lady but sewing is soo much more fun.

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