Friday, October 12, 2012

{TWELVE} Blogtoberfest

Well the snot monster has come to visit here which has meant no sleep for the last couple of days which in turn has meant a cranky baby and no crafting time for me  (one cranky mummy).  I just hope the snot monster leaves and I get my happy boy back soon.  I can't cope with this amount of sleep for long.

However the middle of the night cuddles are a great time for new ideas, I just wish I could remember them in the morning.

I do remember one I had about a boys birthday present and luckily Jot has just received and invitation to a boys birthday party in a couple of weeks so I will make one up for him, in fact I think I will make two and one can go to my nephew for his birthday in November.  I promise to blog about it in fact I might even do a tutorial.

I was thinking about writing up a quick tutorial for the Aprons I made this week as I think I will run up another one for Jot and for my Niece in the UK for Christmas.  They are so quick and easy in fact I think all up they took about 30 minutes for two.  I plan to line the next ones which will add 5 minutes.

If you would like to see a tutorial for the aprons then leave a comment and I will get onto it next week.

Right I am off to give more cuddles to the snot monster that has taken over my son.  See you tomorrow for Bloggers Boogie  I opened my Itunes this morning and decided to link to the first five songs it played on shuffle.  There is an interesting mix.

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