Sunday, October 14, 2012

{FOURTEEN} Blogtoberfest

On Friday morning I had a bit of a doh moment when I realised that Jot had one clean pair of undies left in her drawer.  I then got buried alive under Mt Washmore in the laundry and made a decision.  This has got to stop.

Laundry isn't my favourite chore (to be honest I don't have a favourite chore) so usually gets done when I realise I can't see the laundry room floor anymore or someone is out of undies.  Not the best method.  So I went googling for Laundry Schedules to print out and put on the Laundry room door.  My favourite of all was this one:

but not going to be too much help to me.

Then I remembered seeing one as part of the Organized Housewife 20 Day Challenge that I signed up for and never got beyond day 1.  Her post on cleaning and organising the Laundry can be found here.  It gave me a starting point and this is the beauty I came up with.

My washing schedule:
Monday – Linens (Sheets and Towels)
Tuesday – Kids Clothes
Wednesday – Nappies
Thursday – Day Off
Friday – Darks
Saturday – Kids Clothes, Whites
Sunday – R Chefs Uniforms, Nappies

In this house we wash overnight and at weekends to utilise the cheaper electricity   So starting on Friday night (after an emergency wash during the day on Friday to ensure Jot had clean undies on Saturday morning) the new routine was in place.  

OK so it has only been going for two days BUT so far the kids have clean clothes and so do we.

Now to work on the folding and putting away.  

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