Monday, October 8, 2012

{EIGHT} Blogtoberfest

post signatureWe are off to a 4th birthday party at the weekend and I have added to my already overflowing list of things to sew by promising Jot we would make the birthday present.

One the plus side I have another 4th birthday coming up in November so I will just make two of whatever it is we decide to make now which will have that covered.

My initial thoughts were to make a dress but I think that might not be the 'done' thing to make for one of Jots 'school' friends.  So now I am thinking about an apron and maybe a chefs hat aswell.  Other options include a tutu or a personalised painting smock.

I never know how well hand made gifts are going to go down but I want to try as I enjoy the process.

At least it will give me something to show you in a few days :)

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