Sunday, October 28, 2012


OK I may have been a bit optimistic about showing crafty stuff today.  But you will get to see some later this week as I have a lot to get done before Friday.

1) R Halloween Costume (by Wednesday)
2) Leaving Gift for Childcare worker (by Friday)
3) DQS (by Sunday) 

So I have already cut out R Halloween costume or at least the cloak.  I am hoping to do a tunic as well but I figure as long as I get the cloak done he can wear a black t-shirt and jeans under it with no problems.  There is still a couple of hours of work on the cloak to do so I will target this first and then have a bit more time to get my head round the other two items.

Jots favourite Childcare worker is leaving on Friday (she has been Jots carer for over a year which is rare).  I wanted to make her a quilt BUT I don't think I have time especially as I need to got on with my DQS.  I am thinking a sunhat and a notebook cover but the idea of a quilt keeps coming back to me.  Might see what I have in my stash that she might like.  

DQS - I can't believe it is a week to mailing day already.  Where did this month go?  Anyway the top is complete and after dinner tonight I plan to sort out the label and then sandwich it ready for some quilting on Wednesday.  I can see myself binding this next Sunday night in front of the TV before mailing on Monday.  I like it though and I hope my partner does too.

Right I am off to get some dinner sorted out.  You may or may not get photos tomorrow as I try to get most of this under my belt in my child free time while R takes the kids swimming.

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