Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{THREE} Blogtoberfest

post signatureI love sewing.  I find it very relaxing and exceptionally rewarding when I present something to Jot and see her light up.  It is even more rewarding when she wears said item to childcare and her carers start asking me to make them one.

Anyway I have been busy sewing over the last few months in between sleepless nights, visitors, travel and every day life.  Some of which can not be shown yet as I have no idea if the family know of or read this little blog but the items I made for my kids can be shown.

Dungarees for CT 

Sew Liberated Messenger Bag for my Mums Birthday

Satchel for Jot trial pattern for xmas presents

Oliver & S Reversible Bucket Hat for Jot to take to Childcare

Sisboom Molly Peasant dress for Jot 4th Birthday

Oliver & S reversible bucket hats for Jot and CT

Finally check out the Winterkist Gnoma Santas I am playing with at the moment
So that is what I have been up to.  I have another Sisboom Molly dress cut out for Jot as well as fabric to make summer pjs and nighties for her.  In addition I have three quilt tops on the go (not counting the DQS quilt) and two quilts waiting to be sandwiched.  I have also committed myself to 4 Santa Sacks and 3 birthday presents, 4 Christmas presents for Jots childcare carers and 6 Christmas presents for family members.  I may have taken on too much.  Its just as well that it is relaxing.

I have a goal for October that doesn't involve blogging.  I want to sew every day.  I find it hard some days as the only chance I get is after the kids are in bed and I am usually too exhausted by that point to do much.  So I am going to find some motivation to get away from the computer and facebook and get back to my machine and see how much I can tick off at the end of the month.

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