Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I think I am getting bloggers burnout.  How do people manage to blog every day all year!

I got some more pictures of sewing stuff to show though - just as well this is meant to be a craft blog.

Firstly two pairs of summer pjs for Jot.  She wants to wear the elephant ones on Wednesday to childcare for PJ day.  Lets juts hope it is a nice warm day.

And this is the Grim reaper costume I will be making for R for Halloween.  It has 9 pattern pieces all of which are huge and the only place I have that is big enough to lay out the fabric is in the hallway so tonight once the kids are in bed I will be cutting on the hallway floor.  It is Simplicity 9887.

In addition I have been doing a fair bit of job hunting work over the last couple of days and am slowly getting my head round what I want to be doing.  Now to find a way to do it.

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Tessa said...

Ha ha I made that for my son in brown for a Jedi coat...