Friday, October 7, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 6

I'm a day late already - how is this happening?  Actually I know how it happened I went home expcting the laptop to be there and R had taken it to work so I couldn't post.  Now I am playing catch up and I hate that :(.

I haven't got very far with my lists for next weeks posts either but I am working on it.  Hope to get some time over the weekend.  Who am I kidding I will need to delay knitting to get it all done.  I have however decided on my categories for next week.

1) Cooking - Monday
2) Sewing - Tuesday
3) Kids Stuff - Wednesday

Ok that is as far as I have got at the moment so I still need two more lists for Thursday and Friday.  I need to get my thinking cap on.  I might split the sewing one into two as I know that I have far too many of them bookmarked.

1 comment:

dandelion dreamer said...

I love the idea of making a list of things to blog.....! At least you blogged about it!