Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 5 - Knitting

I am about to start a new project (which knowing my track record will still be on the needles in blogtoberfest next year).

I want to knit Jot a skirt.  She wants Purple and White and she has already chosen the wool.  I have the needles I just need to find a pattern.

Ravelry is my favorite location for patterns and so far I have narrowed it down to two.  I really need to be careful about how long it is going to take me to knit though.  I want something that is actually quite quick and simple.

Twirly Girly Skirt  - I love this one and I think it great taht it can be knitted up in the round and also in other yarms - I might try this in a bamboo cotton for summer

Twirly Skirt remix - This one I really like because it is a closer fit and I think that is lovely on small kids.  Luckily Jot will fit the remix size.

I have downloaded both and I am looking for some opinions as to which to make first - I know I wil probably end up with both but until I know the gender of the baby my knitting is limited to Jot. 

Other knitting patterns currently in my ravelry To Do list are:

Monster Chunks - I love these and I really must knit some - BUT want to get the skirt done first.
Bloom - This one I have been meaning to make for an age but I am still a little initmidated by it.

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