Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 2 - Royal Melbourne Show

Its only day 2 and I am behind already but I stick with the theory (as I did last year) that until midday it is Day 2 somewhere in the world and therefore it doesn't matter I am a few hours late.

We spent yesterday at the Royal Melbourne Show (so tempting to put Royal Norfolk Show - the agricultural show of my youth) and I have to say that tired does not begin to explain how I was feeling when we got home.

Pregnant ladies should not spend 5 hours in the sun pushing their three year olds around in the buggy - they should be pushed around in their own buggy for 5 hours :).

We had a great time.  Jot loved the animals and was running round like and idiot when she saw the cows and the sheep.  She sat quietly on our laps to watch the horse jumping but wouldn't sit through the monster trucks (too noisy Mummy).

The queue for the showbag pavillion put me off completely so I got to sit in the sun with the buggy while R took Jot in and magnificently came out 25 minutes later with two bags and a pair of fairy wings for Jot.  By the time he came out the queue was twice the size as when he went in.

We caught up with a couple of R's mates who were working at the show this year and although I looked for ladies I knew at the CWA canteen I didn't see anyone I knew.  Probably all hard at work behind the scenes making scones.

I have to say it was a great way to pass the day and the only thing I will change in the future is NOT to let Jot fall asleep in the car on the way home (a bit hard as we had to go via the house so it took twice as long as it should have) as she was up till late  Maybe a good thing with the daylight savings change.

So one very exhausted Mummy, a tired Jot and R who wanted to stay longer :)  A very good day.

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