Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 3 - A plan (maybe)

I really enjoyed doing my week long series last year on simple living and really wanted to have a plan this year for something similar.  Something I can post about without a camera.  I have to say I haven't come up with anything yet - But I will so expect a series of some sort towards the end of the month.

Instead I have another plan.

Are you like me?  Do you read 150+ blogs on a daily (or almost daily) basis?  Do you see hundreds of things you want to cook, sew, knit, try?  Do you bookmark them and then promptly forget what they are (or worse where they are)?

Yes - I thought so.

So my mini plan for this month is to review all those posts I have bookmarked (or starred in my blog reader) and

a) make a list here
b) action them (this might need to wait till I get back into my house with a working kitchen but I can try).

This will be next weeks plan as the first thing I need to do is to look at them all and categorise them.  According to my blog reader I have over 200 posts starred and this doesn't even take into account those I have bookmarked elsewhere.  This may take some time.

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