Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 16

Have you ever had one of those 'Doh!' moments where the answer to an issue is just so obvious you wonder why you were having the problem in the first place?  Well I had one last weekend.

A few months ago I got Emma Hardys' book Making Childrens Clothes out of the library and traced the patterns for most of the clothes.  I didn't have time to photocopy (or even note) the instructions so when the book had to go back (it was reserved by someone else) I was a little stuck.  Anyway I forged ahead with making a Nightie for Jot (which she loves) with no instructions, I figured it would be easy as I could remember what it looked like.  I cut the pieces out of flannel and attached the two arms to the two body pieces - simple I hear you say.  Well not quite - this is where I came unstuck.  It didn't look right and so rather than put it aside and wait till I got the book back I did a patch job and cut off about 2in of fabric and then pinked the raw edges rather than hemming or putting elastic in.

So roll on to last Saturday and having borrowed the book again I though I would attempt it again with some lovely fabric I won in a giveaway from Retromummy way back at Easter ( which I don't seem to have ever posted about - whoops).  Got the instructions out, cut out the pieces (2 arms and 2 bodys) it still didn't look right when I laid it out before sewing.  I looked at the other sizes I traced and -  this is my Doh! moment - I forgot to note on the pattern that the sleeves were meant to be cut on the fold.  No wonder it didn't work right.

I didn't have enough fabric left to cut another sleeve so I used some plain cream I had in my stash (which I think might have been ear marked for something) and the end result - want to see it?

OK OK sorry couldn't resist:

I love it as the main fabric is THIS double gauze and so incredibly soft. 

I love the pattern to (now I have figured out my issue) and am already half way through the top version which I hope I will get to finish tomorrow sometime.  I also have a pair of pants from the book in progress as well (I just can't be bothered to get them done tonight, too much folding, ironing and threading of elastic for a tired Mummy.

Hope you all have a great Saturday night.

See you tomorrow
Jots Mum

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