Saturday, October 16, 2010

blogtoberfest day 15

Luckily for me it is still Day 14 in Hawaii so I figure this counts as yesterdays post.

Yesterday was a work day for me and was for some strange reason rather manic.  It was pouring with rain (and that is probably an understatement) so I dropped Jot at childcare and then went to park the car in our normal car park.  Of course I forgot to get the buggy out so at the end of the day had to reverse the process which meant I was at least 45 minutes later picking Jot up which equals one very grumpy and tired little girl.  Managed to get her home without her falling asleep in the car which was an achievement in itself.

I am now all prepared for the influx of people at 10am for my Phoenix Trading Coffee and cards (I hope) so I should probably get myself ready or do you think they will appreciate finding me in my jammies.

I will be back this evening with todays post as I have been sewing again.

Hope the weather is good for you (I am over all this rain)


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