Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 11

What do you do when you look in your fridge and find an unopened carton of Buttermilk with an expiry date of tomorrow?

You do what any self respecting person would do and track down recipes to use it up. As the majority of my cookbooks are still in boxes in the garage (I will unpack them before we have been in the house a year) I resorted to my good friend the internet.

Specifically the Tasty Kitchen website which is run by the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. It is an American site so all the measurements are in Cups which is slightly confusing to me but armed with my new set of cups everything is suddenly so much easier.

I was specifically looking for buttermilk pancakes but on my first search on Saturday evening with a cranky toddler I couldn’t find one (why I just didn’t search for Buttermilk Pancakes I don’t know) but came across this one for Buttermilk Biscuits instead. They are kind of like scones but are lighter and are still edible this morning (day 2 ½), unlike scones which I find go hard very very quickly. We made one batch and ended up with about 32 biscuits and one bad mummy moment.

Jot tried to take a hot biscuit off the pan as I was removing it from the oven, which isn’t like her as she knows and understands that things from the oven are hot, and got the side of her hand against the pan. She is fine though and nothing a cuddle from Mummy and a play in cold water couldn’t fix. Looking back there was nothing I could have done to prevent it as she was just too determined to have a biscuit (and I had both hands full) but at the time I felt decidedly like an irresponsible parent.

But back to the biscuits. I realised that having 32 yummy biscuits in the house was quite dangerous so I have frozen 20 of them for a Phoenix Cards open house I am holding this weekend. The proof I feel will be how well they defrost as scones never defrost well. Success and ½ the Buttermilk was gone.

So last night when R asked what was for dessert he had the choice of a banana or buttermilk pancakes (which I still didn’t have a recipe for), what do you think he chose. Back on to the Tasty Kitchen and I found this recipe for Buttermilk Pancakes (I used the right search term this time). I made the mix but R was in charge of the cooking (I always burn pancakes) and they are yummy. The batter made about 10 smallish pancakes and we kept four back for Jot for today. I think it would be a great recipe to make up to freeze pancakes for kids snacks but we don’t have a big enough freezer for that yet. Another success and ¾ of the buttermilk is finished.

So what do I use the rest of the Buttermilk for?

Well how about

Buttermilk Banana Bread
Peach Buttermilk Sherbert
Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pound Cake
Way too many choices now!


Kirsty said...

Heaps of muffin recipes ask for Buttermilk, you could always make up a couple of batches and freeze them

Leah said...

Mmmm, I love buttermilk pancakes. I went to a Phoenix cards party a while ago and spent $OMG. They're just so, so nice.