Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sewing Journal and January Completed Items

Last year I had great plans to keep track of everything I sewed so I could make sure it was all blogged.  Well lets just say I didn't manage that very well and what was worse was that some things I wanted to make never got made so this year I have a different plan.

I found an empty lined journal that I bought some time ago and turned it into my sewing journal for 2013.  There is more than enough room though for this is to go for a number more years if it works.

Inside, all I have done is title each double page spread with the month and year.  Then there are three columns (loosely speaking) Item, Completed and Picture. 

It is that simple.  I have put things in throughout the year depending on when birthdays are coming up and when Jot needs new pjs etc but I mostly add things as they come up.  For example the bottom six items were added during the month.  This journal also includes step for things e.g basting a quilt or binding a quilt as just putting down X Quilt is waaayyy to intimidating and usually results in nothing getting done.

So here is my roll call of what was completed in January 2013.  (yes I know there are still a couple of days left but I have some major study to do and my machine is not going to get a look in till next week sometime)

 Two Swoon blocks

Sashing the Swoon and completing the quilt top (I also pieced the back but didn't take a photo)

1 Quilt Top for Aussie Hero Quilts 

1 set of Overalls for CT

 1 Dolls Quilt

Shopping Bags as a birthday present for my SIL

In addition I have pin basted my Mondrian Quilt for hand quilting over the next few months (I am determined this will be on our sofa THIS winter)

and I made a sheet bag for CT at childcare (again forgot to take a photo)

All in all I am really happy with how much I got done this month.  Lets see if I can keep up the momentum once study really kicks in along with setting up my new business.

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Car said...

Great idea! I started a sewing / dreaming book which I write everything Id like to do and then Im listing them on a blog page as well as completed projects in the back!

you did well to get through so muchoast month!