Friday, January 18, 2013

1st Day of school

OK so really it is first day of childcare but the feelings it triggers in me are the same.

CT had his first full day of childcare on Wednesday.  He and  his sister are both in 3 days a week to give me a chance to study.  This week I haven't been able to focus on study as the house is almost too quiet but I know that will be less distracting next week.  In fact I spent most of the last couple of days wondering when he will wake up so I could do x,y &z and then realising I didn't have to wait at all.

He  is doing well there not sleeping much and not eating much either but I seem to recall Jot doing the same thing when she first started at childcare.  I picked them up at 5 yesterday and fed them in the car but CT was too tired and cranky to eat.  I am picking them up an hour earlier today with the hope that I can get them home for their dinner, bath, bed routine as normal, CT needs a good meal in the evening, yesterday he only had two slices of raisin toast at childcare all day as it was all they could get him to eat :).

Here he is on his first day:

Oh my he is growing up so fast.  

I really miss him during the day - a weird feeling for me as all I remember about putting Jasmine into childcare was relief I was alone (but then I only had a couple of weeks before I went back to work).  Anyway I have been able to sew (not something I can do with the boy at home as he has started to pull on cables and has nearly had the iron off the ironing board twice).  I will do a quick post with some photos over the weekend but the teaser is I finished my SWOON quilt top.

I have also finished my 1st book of the year (technically my second finish but the first I started and finished this year) so I am feeling quite good about that.  That will also be posted over the weekend.

For now I am off to study.  Yup I finally think I can concentrate, I have 90 mins before I have to leave to pick up the kids.  See you tomorrow.

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