Monday, March 26, 2012

Random things

post signatureWell I am back at the pc for this post with is great.  I am not too sure about using the Blogger app too often but for short items it will be ok.  Also not happy with the quality of the photo in todays Easter Cookies post that uploaded from my phone.  It looks great on the phone just not on the blog.  Lessons are being learned.

Mug Rug
Well I really stupidly didn't take any after photos of the Mug Rug I made for Car but luckily for me she did.  You can read about it here.  She loves it which is great news as I wasn't entirely sure it was her cup of tea.

Now I sit down I don't even think I had blogged about the one I received.  Now I had the lovely Denni as my maker however I can't seem to see if she has a blog.  It arrived early well before the sending date and I didn't want to open it but Jot had other ideas (she now collects the mail each day and if there is anything in the mailbox it is hers and she gets to open it) and it was opened very quickly.

It is gorgeous and I love it.  It sits by my breastfeeding chair and holds my very large glass of water.  Oh yes and it has been soaked a few times already.

Other sewing

I have cut out three nighties for Jot but so far haven't had the time to actually sew them together.  It didn't help that I bought a metre of fabric for each one only to find myself about 10cm to short so had to go back to spotlight (oh what a shame) to find some more fabric - I ended up going with a different fabric for the arms as it was easier.  I will show these when I have finished them this week (I hope).

I have also nearly finished the knitted skirt I started for Jot back in August.  The good thing is that she is taller but no fatter so it will still fit her.  Again something you will see later this week.

Finally we had a first birthday to go to last Sunday and I was at a complete loss as to what to make the little girl.  I looked back on things I had made for Jot and decided on a drawing wallet.  I think the orginal tutorial is from One Red Robin.  As always I adapted it to fit what I had available.  The fabric I wanted to use was in 25cm cuts so the finished wallet is smaller than the original.  I love it though.  The fabric was sent to me sometime last year by my MIL and I loved it.  It seemed to be fun and funky.  All in all the gift is probably a bit 'grown up' for a first birthday but at least she will be able to use it for many years to come.

Lastly I am busy designing the inivtiation to CT baptism in May.  We are going to acutally have a party rather than just saying we will.  So the invite will be decided on tonight, printed tomorrow and then emailed to mailed to those on the list by the end of the week.  So excited our first party in our new house (yes we will have been here nearly 2 1/2 years by the time the party comes round).

So I will be in later in the week to update you on the in the works items.


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