Friday, April 13, 2012


I had a Doh moment the other day when I finally finished Jots winter nighties and to make it worse it wasn't just on one nightie but two out of three.  Luckily she doesn't seem to mind and who is going to be seeing them anyway other than family :)

Can you see it?  Yes in both the pink and blue nighties I cut the body so the print is upside down.  Doh!

Anothe Doh moment occured while putting together my first Swoon block.  I managed (and I am still not quite sure how) to end up with flying geese that were shorter than they were meant to be.  So some unpicking, a fair amount of swearing and solution g finding later (Thank you CT for staying asleep through all this) my first Swoon block is finished.  I love it and am looking forward to seeing how the rest turn out (without the Doh moment).

Anyway this is who I am blaming for my Doh moments.  The lack of sleep is taking its toll on me.

But he is so cute I forgive him.  Pictured above with R on Easter Monday.

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