Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm back at my machine

Having decided that I just didn't have enough space to use the machine comfortably while it shared space with the computer I have comandered part of the kitchen table to get some sewing done and have made an inroads into my WIP.

Laras Quilt is finally finished.  You may remember I mentioned Lara last year when she was diagnosed at 2.5 years old with Leukemia.  I wanted to make her a quilt to take with her to the hospital.  Due to illness, morning sickness, and renovations I have had to keep putting it off but it is finally complete and ready to be gifted.  Lara is doing really well with her treatement and has even had it shortened by one cycle which is great news. 

I have also had time to start sashing my Mondrian blocks from the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild Oh Beehave quilt bee.  It is looking really good and I am very excited about this one - no idea how the quilting will work yet so it may be some time before it is actually complete.

I made two pairs of winter Pjs for Jot as the nights are starting to get quite cold.  Each one cost a total of $7 to make (not including my time) so I am really happy about being frugal especially when Kmart has Pjs for $9.

I have signed up for a Swoon along with some online quilting friends on facebook.  We are starting on 1 April so I have a couple of weeks to finish getting the fabric together.  The main block fabrics have arrived and I love them.  This quilt is destined for my parents as their Ruby Wedding Anniversary present (it will only be about 18 months late if all goes to plan).  The fabric is Redwork Renaissance by Choles Closet and it is going to look great.

and in addition to that this little guy has been sleeping well over the last couple of days.  I took this after nipping out to the bathroom for a couple of minutes and returning to find him fast asleep. 

He is currently asleep again (loving it) so I am off to  finish sashing my Mondrian blocks or maybe I will start cutting my Swoon blocks.  Decisions Decisions :)

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