Friday, March 2, 2012

Planning My Sewing Room

Since we have been back in the house after the renovations we have had visitors to stay which has meant we have not been able to set up the spare room how I would like it to be for a sewing/craft/spare room.  It was functional as a spare room while we had guests but not ideal (no wardrobe space yet) and I am sharing the computer desk as a sewing table.  Really not fun as you can see it is a wee bit messy right now with not enough room to use my 24in ruler.

WIP on left and Filing on top of the printer

Yes I realise I should tidy up but instead I have been planning my ideal set up in the sewing room (as it shall be known going forward).

So after a trip to Ikea I need to make some choices.  The idea is to put two base units with a table top across them which will run the length of the window wall (Filing cabinet at one end).  The table top is going to be a boring white melamine job from Bunnings but first I get to choose my base units.

I have narrowed down the choices to:

Malm 3 drawer unit (78cm tall)

Expedit 4 hole bookcase (79cm tall)

Besta 3 shalf unit (60 cm tall)

Obviously the Besta and Expedit shelving units would drawers of some sort.  I think I am take by the Besta one most as it is shorter which will bring the table top down to a reasonable height for my short legs to reach the foot pedal for the sewing machine.  Currently sitting on top of a childrens step to ensure it is at the right height for me to sew.

Will need to do a bit more thinking before I come to a decision.  R is working all this weekend and so we can't go shopping for another 10 days anyway so plenty of time to come to a decision (I hope).

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becanne said...

My horn sewing cabinet is 73cm high. My standard office desk is 74cm high.
The sewing machine sits on the platform inside the table so the feed dogs are level with the table top. If I put the sewing machine on the desk then the sewing serface would be 8 cm higher.
I use my kitchen bench for cutting. It is 89cm and a few cm too low for me to be totally comfortable. (I'm about 175cm tall)

Here is a link to some advice to work out the best ergonomic height for sewing equipment .

Ikea do have desks and tables with adjustable legs. You pick the table top size you want then pick the legs. Galant: is the link for the legs, is the link for the table tops. The smallest size top might work well as a sewing machine table so you can get the right height for you.

The expedit or malm might work well as a cutting bench for you, if you get the right thickness board to go on top to bring it to the right height. I've seen them with the expedit turned sideways and used as legs at each end.