Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Present

We are back from New Zealand and had a wonderful time.  The weather was good, we caught up with old friends, a great wedding and a reception without having to chase Jot (yay for babysitters).

I decided to make Kat & Als wedding present and the first attempt is still incomplete as once I had got most of the way through I realised the fabric choice was all wrong so on to take 2.  I know they have opened it but I have no idea if they like it.  I do so I hope they do to.

I used the Make Life fabric that arrived a few weeks ago to make this double sided table runner.

I just did straight (ish) lines on the white area on the front so the pieced bit in the middle stands out a bit.  Not to sure about how the back looks but most of the time that won't be seen will it.

I'm happy and it has given me confidence to try other things as well.

Hope you all had a good Easter

Jots Mum


Karen said...

This is a gorgeous gift - I hope they liked it.
I also hope you hear something - it's nice to get a thanks when you have spent time making something.

Juni said...

This is gorgeous, I love it! The fabric colours are so nice and I'd use both sides on the table as both are really pretty.