Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Challenge Softie Complete

So I have completed my challenge softie.  As you may recall I didn't want to let you know what I was attempting as I thought I was taking on a bit too much and after careful consideration, a number of swear words and a huge amount of time I have come to the conclusion that I was right.  However the thing is complete. 

Do I like it?  No. 
Will it grow on me?  I hope so
Will I attempt it again?  Not for a very very very long time

So what was I attmepting I hear you shouting. This little patchwork Scottie Dog from Denyse Schmidt.

And my finished item....


I think the reason I don't like him is because I have just finished him and he was a nightmare!  All those corners!!  I dreamt about them last night.

So the first of my challenges in the 12 in 12 is complete and I feel a huge amount of relief he is done, but also quite proud.  I am now going to find a very very simple softie to prove that I can make them and see if I can find time to whip it up.

Take care
Jots Mum