Sunday, January 16, 2011

No Technology Evenings

As part of my 'big' Goal for 2011 I decided to limit my use of the tv and internet and wow it has made a huge difference to my productivity at the sewing machine.  I will show the results shortly.
In addition to time spent at the sewing machine I have a knitting project on the go and have read 5 books!  Yes you read that right 5 books (nearly 6) in 2 weeks.  I will admit they are all books I have read before but we finally got round to unpacking our books at Christmas (only 50 weeks after we moved in) and it has been great to rediscover them.  I am reading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and am now on Book 6 of 11 'Faith of the Fallen'.  I will also admit to getting so engrossed that I have forgotten to eat dinner a couple of times and been up well past my normal bedtime most nights.  I think that I need to pace myself a bit better.
At the Sewing table I have:
Completed my MMQG Oh Beehave Block for Anna
Create 4 blocks for Quilts for Queensland run by Retromummy
Started on my 'Fandango Quilt' one block complete and 2 partially finished but wanted to get the Q4Q blocks finished before I went back to it
One Sun Hat for Jot for Childcare (she refused to model it for me but she does like it as she chose the fabrics)
IMG_7780  IMG_7781
And I made my SIL birthday present (now I just need to figure out her Christmas one)
I think that is it :).  I have also made up a Kids Tool Belt for my nephew O (who has a Jan birthday) but was in such a rush to get it in the mail to NZ that I forgot to take a photo of it.
I just hope the creativity continues as it makes me feel good about myself and more importantly keeps me away from the chocolate.
Take care
Jots Mum

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