Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Creative Juices are flowing

I have managed 3 more blocks for Retromummy and Quilts for Queensland which brings me up to 7 so far.  I am going to try for three more which will be 10 but as my Mum arrives on Saturday and I am working for the next two days I am not certain if I will manage it.
Sorry the pictures aren't that great.
I also finished up a bag for Jots sleep sheet at childcare.  Now I see it I realise I should have used a simpler pattern for the letters and a more complicated pattern for the bag.  Oh well you live and learn and Jot likes it so that is all that counts.
And a close up of the applique (my machine is having some tension troubles so I decided to hand applique the letters and I am really happy with how my even(ish) my stitches came out.
So now I am off to purchase some fabric for my month of the MMQG Oh Beehave and try to figure decide what to make my SIL for Christmas as I only have 10 days left of January to finish it in.
Take care
Jots Mum

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