Monday, January 31, 2011

January reckoning

Well here is the end of the first month of the year and already one of my goals has been pushed back.

However my creativity has been flowing and I am so excited about all the new quilt blocks I tried this month that I am not upset that my sampler quilt block hasn't been done.

So January is looking like this:


SIL - B'day and Christmas gift - Done - Christmas gift will be finished tonight.

Sampler BOM - Hole in the Barn Door - Not done but have decided to follow Quilt Dads Block-a-palooza instead from 1 Feb

MMQG Block - Done

Finish left over items from 2010 (x2) - 1 done

Bind Jot Dolls Quilt - not done but have at least attached the binding now.

* Fandango Quilt - Cut and Piece - 5 blocks down 11 to go

* Quilts for Queensland Blocks x10 (4 log cabin, 3 disappearing nine patch and 3 stars - not quite sure of their exact name) - complete and will be sent to Corrie at the end of next week

* Sunhat for Jot - done

* Childcare Sheet Bag for Jot - done

* August MMQG Block - The first of my two sample blocks have been made and I am now really excited about this quilt.  I will do the other one next week but you may have to wait till I get my blocks back in August before I show it off :).

The starred items were not on my original list for January so I have done well.

So as off tonight my February list looks like this:


BIL1 & Dad - B'day and Christmas gifts

Sampler BOM - Block-a-palooza  at least two blocks

MMQG Block February

MMQG August Sample Block No2

Fandango Quilt - Piece at least 5 more blocks

Bind J&T Wedding quilt this one depends on when it comes back from the quilter.

Bind Jots Doll Quilt

Finish last leftover item from 2010

Lets see how I go and what else I get distracted with.

Have a good week everyone.

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