Saturday, July 17, 2010

I think I got it nearly right

Well I changed the measurements and design on my drawing wallet for Jot and I think it is nearly right (but I am not going to redo it) as you can see by the outside photo I am maybe 1/4 in short but I can live with it and I doubt Jot will even notice.

We are out for Yum Cha tomorrow with friends and I decided (as you do ) to whip up a skirt for Jot to wear.  I hadn't tired the O&S Lazy Day skirt before but having looked at the pattern new it would be really simple and quick.  It is a free pattern too and that just made my day.

I was right.  Now I just need to hope we have something in her wardrobe to go on the top half.

I think I will try their popover sundress next as Jot is finally getting to a size where she will fit these great patterns.  In fact I might print it now and see what material I have here so I can run it up for her for her trip to the UK.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Jots Mum

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