Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finished something at last

Yup I have finally finished something.  I started it about a month ago but with sickness, tiredness and the confusion that has been created with the start of R's new job (and finish of his old one) I am not getting my usual time at the machine.  Will be more diligent over the enxt few weeks.

Not sure if I should post a picture but am pretty sure my sis doesn't read this so I feel safe - C if you are reasing this close this screen NOW!!!

I decided to make C a MIP Versatile skirt like the one I have made myself recently for her birthday at the end of July.  Haven't decided what to make my BIL K yet and his birhtday was two weeks ago!!

Hope she likes it.  And now I really must finish my second one (as wel as my name badge for the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild meetin gnest week),

So I'm going to sit at the machine right now!

Jots Mum

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