Friday, November 20, 2009

Started the quilt

I have made a start on Jots quilt.  I was waiting for the water to boil for my pasta the ohter night and thought I would just see how far I got.  One row later the water was boiling - how quick was that.  Anyway I haven't yet done any more rows as life has got busy again but this evening (or weekend) I will try to finish them off.

A quick trip to Spotlight tomorrow (on a saturday aaaaarrgghh) to pick up some nice white material for the sashing and the batting and then I will be waiting for the backing material to be in stock.  How come charm squares and other precuts are available in advance of yardage?

Anyway I also helped a friend choose fabric for a skirt the other day which has me inspired and I will be looking at patterns tomorrow (although how to keep Jot amused will be interesting) as I have some nice Amy Butler coming from the US.

I really want to get the quilt top done so I am going to concentrate on that this weekend and then do the last of my Christmas pressies and get them all in the mail (I hope).

Have a good weekend all


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