Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday Presents

Well my little sisters' birthday has been and gone so she is another year older.  This means she has opened her gift (which she liked by the way) and I am now at liberty to post pictures on here.

I made her a wallet, coin purse and travel card holder with some gorgeous japanese fabric I had in my stash. 

Wallet closed

All three items

I was really happy with them and I am stoked that she liked them to.  I have been working on Christmas presents again so I am not able to post pictures yet but this week I am hoping to get some dresses made one for Jot and a couple to gift so I will post pictures when they are done.

Have a good week and I hope you all win some money on the Melbourne Cup.



Mel said...

You have a very lucky sister!!

Jots Mum said...

Thanks Mel. They were a lot of fun to make (and a fair amount of unpicking)